Multiple Sclerosis

New Study: Mind Training to Overcome Chronic Pain

The MSRRTC's Dawn Ehde, PhD is conducting a study on mindfulness as a way to overcome pain for people living with MS. Mindfulness is a different type of treatment that includes education about chronic pain, and learning skills on how to change how a person thinks about his/her pain. The purpose of this study is to see if these different treatments can help decrease pain in people with MS, and how and why these treatments are effective. 
You may be eligible to participate if you are:

New Factsheet: Thinking Problems and MS

We are pleased to announce a new factsheet on Thinking Problems in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

New Factsheet: Fatigue and MS

Fatigue is defined as a feeling of exhaustion, tiredness, weariness or lack of energy that significantly interferes with what you want to do.

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Studies Seeking Volunteers:

Currently there are no MSRRTC studies seeking volunteers.

Please check the Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine's website for other studies on Multiple Sclerosis.