Multiple Sclerosis

New Paper: Pregnancy & Women Living with MS

Living with a chronic condition, like multiple sclerosis (MS), impacts our decisions about pregnancy. Dr. Annette Wundes, a Neurologist at UW Medicine's Multiple Sclerosis Center, has a new article published in Multiple Sclerosis International, What do Healthcare Providers Advise Women with Multiple Sclerosis Regarding Pregnancy?

Award for Best Paper goes to Dr. Bombardier

Congratulations to the MSRRTC's Dr. Charles Bombardier, the recipient of NARRTC, the National Association of RRTCs, best paper award.

New Study: Mind Training to Overcome Chronic Pain

The MSRRTC's Dawn Ehde, PhD is conducting a study on mindfulness as a way to overcome pain for people living with MS.

New Factsheet: Thinking Problems and MS

We are pleased to announce a new factsheet on Thinking Problems in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

New Factsheet: Fatigue and MS

Fatigue is defined as a feeling of exhaustion, tiredness, weariness or lack of energy that significantly interferes with what you want to do.

UW Medicine Multiple Sclerosis Center

Now located at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, you may visit the clinic's website or call 206-598-3344 to make an appointment. 

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