Measuring Depression Study

Dagmar Amtmann, PhD, Alyssa Bamer, MPH, Kurt Johnson, PhD, Charles Bombardier, PhD
Depression symptoms may sometimes overlap with MS symptoms (like fatigue and trouble sleeping). This can make it difficult for researchers and healthcare providers to determine if someone with MS has Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), or major depression. In this study, we are trying to figure out which questions are the right questions to ask people with MS to diagnose depression more accurately. People who participated in this study completed a packet of depression questionnaires and a telephone interview session (the Structured Clinical Interview for Depression (SCID). We are comparing the answers on the depression questionnaires to the answers on the SCID interview. These analyses will tell us which questionnaires are most accurate at diagnosing depression in people with MS.   
The enrollment status of this study is closed. This study is completed and we're analyzing the data.  

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