Get Smart Study

What is this research about? 

This is a study about whether exercise has an impact on cognition in people with MS. Researchers at the University of Washington are studying exercise because other studies have shown that exercise can help cognition in other non-MS populations. However, currently we do not know whether exercise can help cognition in people with MS.

What does this study involve?

Your participation would include:

  • Receive either aerobic exercise training or stretching and toning training, up to an hour per session, three times per week, over six months. 
  • Complete four in-person assessments that include neuropsychological tests and a fitness test.
  • You will receive up to $120 for completing various interviews and tests as part of this study and free parking for study related visits.

We're looking for people with MS:

  • 18-54 years old
  • Able to walk unassisted for at least 100 meters
  • At least five years out from your diagnosis of MS

How do I learn more about participating in this study? 

Contact us at 206-221-5642 or toll-free at 1-855-320-7926.

About the researcher:

Charles H. Bombardier, PhD is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the rehabilitation of persons with traumatic SCI as well as those with TBI and MS. His research focus has been on physical activity, depression, motivational interviewing, adjustment to illness and disability, and preventing alcohol problems in persons with SCI and TBI. 


This study is funded by a grant from the National MS Society. 

UW Medicine Multiple Sclerosis Center

Now located at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, you may visit the clinic's website or call 206-598-3344 to make an appointment. 

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