Improving Employment Outcomes in Individuals with MS

Kurt Johnson, PhD, Robert Fraser, PhD, Phillip Rumrill, PhD, Pat Brown, PhD

This project involves 3 studies:  

  1. Using our longitudinal survey data we've collected over the last 5 years, look at the relationship between important MS factors, such as disease severity, duration, relapse frequency, age, sex, etc. and secondary conditions (pain, fatigue, cognitive problems, depression, spasticity) and employment.
  2. We will study employment outcomes of individuals with MS who have been served by the State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services program or who receive rehabilitation services from other sources.
    • Review of the RSA-911 Case Report Data, RSA Monitoring Reports and local economic reports (Department of Labor).  Using data mining as a statistical analysis strategy, we will review the RSA-911 Case Report Data specific to individuals with a primary disability cause of MS.
    • Interviews with key informants (state agency directors, state vocational rehabilitation counselors, projects with Industry specialists in MS and employment, and individuals from the National MS Society who specialize in employment and MS). 
  3. We will conduct follow-up surveys of people served by the MS Employment Assistance Center at Kent State University to understand outcomes of the interventions with respect to employment status. 

The enrollment status for these studies is closed. The studies are complete and the data is being analyzed. 

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