What is the study about?

BICAMS stands for Brief International Cognitive Assessment for MS, which is a test used to assess cognition in people living with MS. This study will transform the paper-based BICAMS test to an iPad “app” and determine if the iPad app is a reliable way to assess cognition in individuals with MS.  Cognition refers to a variety of mental activities or processes including (but not limited to) attention, concentration, multi-tasking, processing information, memory, and problem solving.

Many individuals with multiple sclerosis (34-70%) experience a change in their cognitive functioning. Traditional paper-based tests are expensive, time consuming and require the expertise of a cognition specialist (e.g., neuropsychologist). With this iPad app, we hope to make assessing and monitoring cognitive functioning with an internationally validated tool easy and accessible to all MS care providers.

What does this study involve?

Participants will complete one 45-minute appointment, which will include

  • A short questionnaire and interview.
  • Random assignment (like a flip of a coin) to either the paper-based test or the iPad test.

Participants will receive $20 to take part in the study and $5 for parking/transportation.

We're looking for people with MS:

  • At least 18 years or older
  • A physician diagnosed you with Multiple Sclerosis.

How do I learn more about participating in this study?

Contact us at 206-221-5688 or Email

About the researcher:

Meghan Beier, PhD is a clinical psychologist who sees patients at the UW Medicine's MS Center. Her interests include finding better ways to treat secondary conditions, like fatigue, depression, anxiety, and stress in people living with MS.


This study is funded by a grant from the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC).

UW Medicine Multiple Sclerosis Center

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