Prevalence of sleep problems in individuals with multiple sclerosis.

TitlePrevalence of sleep problems in individuals with multiple sclerosis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsBamer AM, Johnson KL, Amtmann D, Kraft GH
JournalMultiple Sclerosis
Date Published2008 Sep
Adult, Chronic Disease, Cross-Sectional Studies, Female, Health Surveys, Humans, Male, Multiple Sclerosis, Prevalence, Sleep Disorders, Snoring, United States, Washington, Young Adult

BACKGROUND: Sleep disturbance in multiple sclerosis has received little research attention despite the potential influence it may have on disease impact. OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence of sleep disorders in a large community sample of individuals with multiple sclerosis. METHODS: A cross-sectional self-report survey of 1063 persons with multiple sclerosis. Sleep was assessed using the Women's Health Initiative Insomnia Rating Scale and Medical Outcomes Study Sleep measure. RESULTS: The prevalence of sleep problems in multiple sclerosis is significantly higher than in the general population or other chronic diseases and may affect women with multiple sclerosis more than men. CONCLUSION: Sleep disturbance should routinely be evaluated in patients with multiple sclerosis and new interventions developed.

Alternate JournalMult. Scler.
PubMed ID18632776

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