Exploring educational needs of multiple sclerosis care providers: Results of a care-provider survey.

TitleExploring educational needs of multiple sclerosis care providers: Results of a care-provider survey.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsTurner AP, Martin C, Williams RM, Goudreau K, Bowen JD, Hatzakis M, Whitham RH, Bourdette DN, Walker L, Haselkorn JK
JournalJournal of Rehabilitation Research & Development
Date Published2006 Jan-Feb
Clinical Competence, Education, Medical, Continuing, Education, Nursing, Continuing, Female, Health Care Surveys, Health Personnel, Hospitals, Veterans, Humans, Interprofessional Relations, Long-Term Care, Male, Multiple Sclerosis, Needs Assessment, Patient Care Team, Probability, Quality Assurance, Health Care, Risk Factors, United States, United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Our objective was to survey experienced multiple sclerosis (MS) care providers, determine their ongoing professional educational needs, and develop future education programs. We asked providers across a variety of disciplines to identify the areas in which clinical consultation and continuing medical education (CME) would most improve their ability to provide care to individuals with MS; their preferred education modalities; and their confidence in providing care related to disease-modifying agents (DMAs), fatigue, depression, spasticity, and bladder management. At a national meeting of MS professionals, 152 MS care providers completed a self-report survey that was designed for this cross-sectional cohort study. Areas of greatest interest for clinical consultation and CME were identical and included cognition, fatigue, DMA use, spasticity, pain, sex, diagnosis of MS, and depression. Participants expressed a preference for live and interactive CME modalities. Confidence in providing specific disease-related care sometimes differed between Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and non-VHA providers. The results indicate that clinical consultations and CME should be targeted to the topics of greatest interest identified by providers and delivered in a live or interactive modality whenever possible.

PubMed ID16847769

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