Taking part in life: enhancing participation in multiple sclerosis.

TitleTaking part in life: enhancing participation in multiple sclerosis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsYorkston KM, Johnson KL, Klasner ER
JournalPhysical medicine and rehabilitation clinics of North America
Date Published2005 May
Attitude to Health, Communication, Goals, Humans, Multiple Sclerosis, Patient Participation, Physician-Patient Relations, Quality of Life, Social Adjustment, Social Environment

Health care professionals participating in rehabilitation for people with MS can play a critical role in enhancing limited outcomes such as enhanced mobility, reductions in symptoms such as pain and depression, and the metaoutcome-participation. This role will be significantly more effective if the health care professional acknowledges and validates the different perspectives of the professional and the patient and recognizes the expertise of the patient who has lived with MS in the context of his or her life. Assuming this role effectively requires that the health care professional develop a collaborative relationship with the patient and understand that the role may change depending on the stage of MS and the individual's circumstances.

PubMed ID15893688

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