Social support among veterans with multiple sclerosis.

TitleSocial support among veterans with multiple sclerosis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsWilliams RM, Turner AP, Hatzakis M, Chu S, Rodriquez AA, Bowen JD, Haselkorn JK
JournalRehabilitation Psychology

Objective: To describe perceived social support and its correlates among veterans with multiple sclerosis (MS) and explore gender differences in these relationships. Study Design: Cohort study linking computerized medical records and survey questionnaire. Participants: Four hundred fifty-one veterans. Outcome Measure: Total and subscale scores from the Medical Outcomes Study Modified Social Support Survey. Results: Participants who were male, married, living with someone, and/or had a relapsing–remitting disease course reported greater social support. Married men reported higher levels of 4 of 5 types of support than married women. Higher income was associated with greater total social support for women. Conclusion: Although veterans with MS report moderate total support, the authors recommend support-enhancing interventions tailored by gender and marital status.

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