Helping MS Patients Get the Most Out of Their Next Physician Visit.

TitleHelping MS Patients Get the Most Out of Their Next Physician Visit.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsSorenson J, Kraft GH
JournalInternational Journal of MS Care

Focus: Physicians have time constraints, and patients frequently become disgruntled by long periods in the waiting room. To provide quality care to patients in a timely manner, a nursing tool is useful to identify and assess patient concerns before the patient is seen by the physician. This facilitates doctor-patient communication during the follow-up visit. Goal: Streamline patient visit, encourage open communication, clarify patient issues and concerns. Identify patient education needs, help identify when consults may be needed by other disciplines. Process: Develop a tool for information intake that the nurse can review with a patient before seeing the physician. This tool also alerts the nurse to specific educational needs for the patient that require nursing intervention immediately after the doctor-patient interaction. Patient Concerns: Medication refills, equipment needs and evaluation, bladder management, bowel management, sexual issues, memory problems, spasticity, injection issues, disability issues, fatigue, speech/swallow and visual concerns, family concerns, depression, and employment issues. Outcome: Evaluation of several forms that can be used to achieve this result.

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