Brief Neuropsychological Screening Battery for Multiple Sclerosis Vocational Rehabilitation.

TitleBrief Neuropsychological Screening Battery for Multiple Sclerosis Vocational Rehabilitation.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsClemmons DC, Fraser RT
JournalJournal of Spinal Cord Medicine

Background: The cognitive concerns of those with multiple sclerosis (MS) are well referenced in the medical and neuropsychological literature, and the development of brief neuropsychological screening batteries ahs been explored by a number of authors. Although the utility of brief neuropsychological screening batteries for vocational rehabilitation purposes is potentially great, this is an area not well explored in the vocational rehabilitation literature. This study represents an attempt to develop a brief and economic neuropsychological screening battery for MS, which would provide data useful to vocational rehabilitationists. Construction of the battery follows an extensive review of the literature, and focuses on areas of import in MS. Methods: Thirty-seven subjects with MS were administered the battery in connection with provisions of standard vocational rehabilitation services. Measures included were verbal subtests from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-III, the Wechsler Memory Scale-III, and a number of neuropsychological measures thought to be important in MS vocational rehabilitation. Results: The data revealed a cognitive profile characterized by high performance on measures of verbal ability. Memory performance was adequate, but lower than would have been predicted from the subjects’ intellectual status. Performance deficits were observed on measures of executive functioning standard deviations of test performance on the Wechsler measures were unremarkable. Conclusions: Large SDs were observed on many of the other measures, indicating that the study sample presented a profile characterized by well-preserved verbal abilities, with considerable variance in other measures for counseling and job development strategies.

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