Reports of Coping and Activity Satisfaction as a Function of Presence of Speech Problems in MS.

TitleReports of Coping and Activity Satisfaction as a Function of Presence of Speech Problems in MS.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsKlasner ER, Yorkston KM, Amtmann D, Kraft GH
JournalInternational Journal of MS Care

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of coping and life satisfaction in the presence of self-reported speech difficulties. It is important to understand this relationship in order to provide appropriate clinical treatment for individuals with MS. This is a continuation of an investigation that was initially conducted on a larger population. The initial survey indicated that as speech difficulties progressed other symptoms of MS (vision, hearing heat sensitivity, pain, fatigue, depression) also became more severe. Data reported in the current study was taken from a community-based survey of 549 individuals with MS. Of this sample 53.9% reported no speech problems, 36.6% reported mild speech problems and 9.4% reported moderate to severe speech problems. The relationship between presence speech difficulties was examined for a range of other variables including age, gender, and duration of MS, level of education, employment, and physical sensory and other symptoms. Life satisfaction, coping and satisfaction with activity level were also queried. Results of this survey also indicate that the progression of speech symptoms is accompanied by a variety of other MS symptoms (physical and sensory). Speech problems do not occur in isolation, they appear to part of a complex presentation of MS symptoms. This survey also examined life satisfaction, coping skills and satisfaction with activity level as a function of speech difficulties. People who endorsed speech problems tended to be less satisfied with ability to cope and perform desired activities. Global measures of coping and life satisfaction are complex and warrant further investigation.

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