Self-Management in Multiple Sclerosis

Research has shown that self-management can reduce visits to the hospital, and lessen pain, fatigue, and depression symptoms for people with chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  The definition of self-management varies, but generally, it's what a patient does day-to-day to manage their chronic condition and it's associated symptoms. 

The MSRRTC is studying self-management interventions to identify strategies that are helpful for people living with MS, and developing information to educate professionals and consumers about self-management.  Our work in this area includes the following:

  • White Paper - One of our co-investigators, Robert Fraser, PhD, wrote a white paper, Patient Self-Management in Multiple Sclerosis, published by the Consortium of MS Centers (CMSC) describing how self-management might be useful for people living with MS.
  • Self-Management in MS Consensus Conference - The MSRRTC held a consensus conference to discuss self-management in MS November 11th, 2010. This conference was  funded by the National Institutes of Disability & Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) as well as the Consortium of MS Centers (CMSC).
  • Self-Management Intervention for MS - Dawn Ehde, PhD has developed a self-management intervention and is currently conducting a randomized controlled trial evaluating it's efficacy.
    • An article, Perspectives on Self-Management published in the International Journal of MS Care describes the qualitative research (focus group discussions) that was conducted as part of the process to develope the self-management intervention.
    • Dawn Ehde, PhD and Jamie Wazenkewitz, MPH, MSW wrote an article, Self-Management: Keys to Taking Charge of your MS published in the MS Foundation's magazine MS Focus
    • Jamie Wazenkewitz, MPH, MSW presented a poster TakeCharge of Your MS at CMSC's Annual Research Meeting in 2011, Montreal, Canada.
    • Jamie Wazenkewitz, MPH, MSW presented a platorm Developing a Novel Telephone-Delivered Self-Management Intervention for Multiple Sclerosis at APHA Annual Meeting in 2012, San Francisco, CA.


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