Multiple Sclerosis From A to Z

In partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, in 2010, the University of Washington's MSRRTC presented a video lecture series about "Multiple Sclerosis from A to Z." UW researchers as well as nationally- and internationally- renowned experts explore multiple sclerosis, from its history to pain management to employment for those living with MS. Each video is about an hour long (60 minutes).  

You can watch the episodes by clicking here.

  • Overview and Current Concepts of Multiple Sclerosis (George H. Kraft, MD, MS).
  • History of Multiple Sclerosis (Jock Murray, MD).
  • Staying in the Employment Game Part 1 (Live Panel: Trevis Gleason, Kurt Johnson, PhD, Ray Heacox, Andrea Brenneke).
  • Staying in the Employment Game Part 2 (Live Panel: Trevis Gleason, Kurt Johnson, PhD, Ray Heacox, Andrea Brenneke).
  • Depression and Exercise for People with MS (Charles Bombardier, PhD).
  • Epidemiology and the Cause of MS: Some Contributions of the Military (John Kurtzke, MD, FACP, FAAN).
  • Pain and Fatigue in People with MS (Dawn Ehde, PhD).
  • Cognitive Issues in MS (Myron Goldberg, PhD and Mary Pepping, PhD).
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine for MS (Allen Blowling, MD, PhD).
  • Highlights of the MS News in 2010 (Aaron Miller, MD).
  • Coping with MS: Lessons in Resilience (Kenneth Pakenham, PhD).

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